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If you are interested in any of the readings listed below, please message me or send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.   Please feel free to ask any questions about any of the Readings or about the Akashic Records.  Thank you for your interest in my services. 

Soul Exploration Reading:
In this reading I look at your Akashic Record.  The Akashic records are an energetic database that holds the history of your soul from the time it was created until this very day. When I access this record I am looking at your soul’s profile such as your cosmic group of origin, your divine gifts and talents you are coming into this incarnation with and how those can be seen in your everyday life. This gives you a glimpse at how your soul was made and how you will manifest in the physical world. 

I also look at life choices from past lives and your current lifetime that are causing some blocks and restrictions in your current life that is leading you to continue creating highly negative patterns and keeping you stuck and not able to be abundant in your life and manifesting your desires. I will tell you how it got there and if from a past life I will tell you about that lifetime and the choice you made in that lifetime that is leading to your current issue. 

This reading does take close to 90 minutes or more to go over all of the details of what was found. I also help to energetically clear those issues from the record so that it no longer has an effect on your current life.  I do email you a written report of the findings and your life stories for your own records. 

I charge $180 for this reading.  

Situational readings: 

These readings are done after I have already performed  a Soul Exploration reading for you.  There is only so much clearing work I can do within the Soul Exploration reading before it will send you into a spiritual crisis, but what I clear from the Soul Exploration reading is what you needed at the time. After some time other things will come to the surface to be cleared or you may  have continued to make choices in this lifetime that are not aligned with who we are at soul level and this is causing some issues to start showing up in your life.  So I will go back into the records and look to see what is now coming forward to be cleared and what the current situation is for the client. If anything needs to be cleared, I will energetically clear it. 

The rates for this reading is much cheaper than the original reading  and I will clear anything that needs to be cleared and that can be cleared at this time.  I charge $60 for this reading. 


Relationship readings: 

These reading encompass me looking into 2 different records and seeing how these 2 souls have been connected in past lifetimes.  I will look at all past lives and will tell you a little bit about how you were involved in one another’s lives in that lifetime and I will also look at any Karma that may need to be resolved and how far along you are with resolving it. I can also tell you how that Karma is coming out in your current lifetime with that other person. I will do any clearing of any blocks and restrictions between the 2 of you if it is needed. 

I charge $125 for this reading. 

Life lesson Reading:

In this reading I look at the Primary Life lesson you came to experience in this incarnation and how it is playing out in your life currently and I look at secondary lessons you have chosen to experience and how they are currently playing out in your life. I also look at how close you are to completing them. Now don’t worry just because you complete all of your lessons does not mean you are going to exit the Earth plane, it just means now you get to experience them in a new way or choose something else to experience. 

I charge $60 for this reading. 

Spirit Guide Reading:

I look at how many spirit guides you have and what role they are playing in your life and what they are currently helping you with. I also ask how they get your attention to let you know they are communicating with you and will give you any messages they have for you. 

I charge $125 for this reading

*Readings are done first come first serve basis*

About Me

Hi my name is Jen.   I have been interested in the Akashic Records for as long as I can remember, and now I get the privilege to work within them and by doing so I get to help others to be able to give their own soul a voice.  Your soul has a lot to tell you and a lot to reveal to you.  

I have been doing readings for clients since 2016 and love being able to help them learn who they are at soul level and how they can use those skills in their everyday life.  I love that by accessing that person's record and finding blocks and highly negative patterns that are currently affecting their life, and knowing that I can help to energetically clear those restrictions from the record , so that it no longer keeps them from being abundant in their lives and being able to manifest their desires, or being able to know their true Divine essence.   

A little bit of a background on me....I come from a medical background, I am currently working a fulltime as a Nurse Practitioner. I started to read the Akashic record as a side project.  As a nurse and even as a Family Nurse Practitioner I have always been drawn to the Holistic side of healing.  I feel that to be healed completely it has to be done in the body, the mind, and the spirit.   To truly be whole, the whole person needs to be looked at.  Our healthcare system has found ways to treat the body and the mind, but it left out the spiritual aspects of the person.  So that is where I and many other Lightworkers come in to help.  My goal is to help as many people connect to their own soul and to discover their own Divine nature, and to help them heal those areas that are restricting them.   

What To Expect

The nice thing about the Akashic Record is that I can access them from anywhere since they exist beyond space and time.   So you do not need to be sitting in front of me for me to be able to access your record.  The only thing I need for me to access your records is a little information and your permission to do so. 

When you schedule a reading with me, the first thing I will do is get some information from you such as your current full name,  your name given at birth, and date of birth and place of birth.  I need this information when I access your record so that I make sure I have the right soul's record.  If I have the wrong soul's record then nothing I say to you will make any sense. 


Depending on what reading you wanted done, I will start to retrieve the information about your soul and from the record.  Once I get all the information I need to do the actual reading for you, then I will begin to put your soul's story together for you.  Once I have the reading ready then I get a hold of you and we set up a date and time to do the reading.   I mainly do them via telephone but if you are within 50 miles of my hometown of Richmond Ohio then I will set something up to do the reading in person.  Once I start the process of accessing your record to obtain the information  then I will send an invoice to your email via  PayPal for the amount of the reading.  

Any questions regarding any of the readings or the process for the readings, please feel free to email me or message me on Facebook.  

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